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I'm a teenager who was born and raised in Los Angeles.


It seems as if I have had a passion for music ever since my infant years - whether it was the Persian music I would hear my parents and elders dance to, the various Hebrew tunes I would hear frequently at my local synagogue, or even some pop, rap, and R&B hits I would hear daily with the help of Ryan Seacrest on the radio.

Being the youngest of four siblings, I've come across many different opinions and preferences in my lifetime - not limited to just music. 

This corresponds to my motive behind becoming a DJ - my mission to please everybody at the events I would attend. A "dance" floor should never be empty, and no one should ever feel excluded.

You're not the only person who dislikes boring parties. Let me rephrase that: nobody likes a boring party.

That's where I come in.

I won't stop until I reach my goal.

Come along and vibe on this journey with me, where we'll redefine the term "DJ," together.

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